Being Outdoors Has Many Health Benefits

Whether you are emerging from your winter hibernation or you spend all day working in the office, being outdoors can positively impact your health in a good way. Are you aware that being outdoors has many health benefits? Some of the health benefits of being outdoors include: increase dosage of vitamin D, positive impact on your eyes, greater sleep cycles, experience clear air, noticeable positivity when you are grounded on a natural surface such as soil or grass, exercise, and boost to your psychological health and well-being. With these types of health benefits who wouldn’t want to step outdoors more? Being outdoors outweighs any risks that you may experience by being outside. According to a Harvard Health letter being exposed to the outdoors is a prescription for great health. Did you know that about 90 percent of people in the United States spend the bulk of their time inside rather than outdoors. With summer around the corner now is the time to break free of your indoor prison and venture out into the great outdoors. From more fresh air and exercise to increasing your vitamin D levels, and eye health being outdoors is just the healthiest thing to do especially in the summer time.

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